About Aaron Tornberg

Aaron Tornberg is currently working with musicians such as Jennifer Evans to help manage their bookings, social media, and recording/live performance needs. He is a , guitar instructor and teacher of after school programs, an sometime open mike host, emcee, raconteur, and singer/songwriter. You will often find him playing music in Coffee Houses, Synagogues, Home Concerts, or at the Folk Song Society of Greater Boston events. He also hosts a monthly Song Sharing Event at the Kelley Library in Salem, NH.

Aaron lives in Salem, NH with his wife, Kim and his 5-year-old son, Benjamin. He has also worked as an education consultant and computer teacher as well as song leader and writer.

Throughout his career, Aaron has been known to record music with David Goldblatt and others. Those recordings can be found on this blog under the Music and Jewish Music tabs.

Aaron can be contacted via email to aarontberg (the at symbol) yahoo.com.


  1. I have a whole concert at the click of a mouse! This combination of music and technology lets all listeners experience what our students do in music class. I can sing along or simply listen to the students’ voices. Thanks for sharing!
    Judy Mishkin

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